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All Things Southern Baptist

Here are some articles and blog entries relating to Southern Baptists in particular:

1. The IMB announced an immediate suspension of all international missionaries through the International Service Corps and Masters programs…This is related to a previous post I wrote concerning a change of Cooperative Program percentages is needed echoing the call Paul Chitwood made this past week.

There have been many good posts regarding this very issue over the last several days.  See Tom Ascol and Alvin Reid .

2. Steven McKinion writes part 3 of his thoughts concerning generational issues pertaining to the Southern Baptist Convention.  Once again, this is really helpful stuff.  Check the previous two: part 1 and part 2.

3. Dr. Daniel Akin recently published a document recommending actions which would help steer the SBC ship towards gospel sailing called the Great Commission Resurgence.  I hope in part this resurgence might lead to some answers and change reagrding the IMB suspensions referred to earlier. 

I am looking forward to hearing from the Convention Floor concerning these issues later this month.

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Third Generation Southern Baptist Conservatives

I have been raised for the most part in Southern Baptist Churches.  I currently pastor a Southern Baptist Church.  For some time there has been much mud being slung by fellow Southern Bapists at one another.  In the process, more and more people are being turned off to Southern Baptist churches because of this infighting. 

While some fights must be fought, it seems some that need not be are being fought unnecessarily.  In Third Generation Conservatives in the Southern Baptist Convention, pt 1, Steven McKinion sums up well what has taken place within the SBC.  Hopefully, this article might help to bring the sides together.

The article is a must read for Southern Baptists of all stripes.


Baptist21 has now posted Third Generation Conservatives in the Southern Baptist, Part 2 by Steven McKinion.

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