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Friend, do you know yourself?

The persuasive worldview of our society views human beings as basically good.  Therefore, if we need God at all, it is only in a limited way.  However, the Biblical worldview is in direct conflict with this common assumption.

The following is taken from Titus 3:3 as Paul describes sinners prior to their conversion to Jesus Christ, “For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various passions and pleasures, passing our days in malice andd envy, hated by others and hating one another.”

Perhaps this is not how you think of yourself today or thought of yourself in the past, yet this is exactly how God sees you outside of Jesus Christ.  The powers of Satan and sin deceive us in this way in order to make us think much more highly of ourselves than we ought, and the result is that we do not see our need for a Savior.

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Sin is like an enemy waging guerilla warfare

Sin is like a defeated army in a civil war that, instead of surrendering and laying down its arms, simply fades into the countryside, from which it continues to wage a guerrilla war of harassment and sabotage against the government forces.  Sin as a reigning power is defeated in the life of the beleiver, but it will never surrender.  It will continue to harass us and seek to sabotage our Christian lives as long as we live.

Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace, 106.

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Surely God wants me to be happy

This is the most frequently used line by people sitting right next to you in Church as the justification for the sin they are about to commit or already have.

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