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Easter Sermon Wordle Map

Wordle: jmsermon

You can click on the image to enlarge.  The larger the word the more often it is spoken.  Conversely, the smaller the word, the less often it was used in the sermon.

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Sermon: The Lord’s Right to our Everyday Lives & a Dependant’s Right to Humane Treatment


Here is my latest sermon in my series on the Ten Commandments.

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The Sanctity of God’s Image

Here is the third sermon in my Ten Commandment series:

The Second Commandment: The Sanctity of God’s Image

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Wordled Sermons

I recently began a sermon series on the 10 Commandments from Exodus 20.  I have completed three sermons thus far.  The first was an introduction.  The second and third sermons centered on the first and second commandments.  I have wordled the three sermons.  This program traces the number of times certain words are used and puts the words in a cloud.  The words used most often appear the largest.

The Ten Commandments of God10comintro

 Ultimate Allegiance Belongs to the Lord Alone


The Sanctity of God’s Identity

2comYou can click on the wordle cloud to view a larger cloud.

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