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Resurgence Catalogs Rob Bell Coverage

The Resurgence website has put up a post of the coverage of Rob Bell’s new book. Check out the good analysis.

Above is an interview where Rob Bell is pressed about whether excepting Jesus in this life is important if as Bell argues in his book everyone will be saved eventually whether in this life or the next. Notice how Bell evades answering the question with clarity. If in fact everyone is saved in the end, then responding to Jesus in this life may result in some blessings sooner rather than later, but everyone eventually finds blessing and responding to Jesus in this life is not all that terribly important.

As moving and powerful as Rob Bell can be when he is faithful, I cannot recommend him at all because of his continued departure away from biblical faithfulness.

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Challies Reviews Bell’s “Love Wins”

Tim Challies reviews Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever LivedBell’s promo for the book spurred much debate about whether or not Bell rejects the Historic Biblical view of hell, especially at Justin Taylor’s blog, Between Two Worlds (almost 1500 posts so far). I have found that Trevin Wax’s summary of his own interest in Rob Bell is similar to my own.

In all I have listened to about 50 of his sermons. I found some of his sermons to be extremely powerful and biblical. In addition to this I checked out many of his early Nooma videos, and I found them very engaging. Yet for every faithful sermon, I also would listen to another sermon which did not seem to be so faithful. More often though the issue was his ability to not answer questions directly. There was always so much mystery. There was often a sense of a let down after a dramatic beginning.

Bell’s trajectory moved away from my own. More and more, his sermons became less and less fruitful for me. The book does not release until March 15 to the general public. My recommendation is that you wait till you can check it out from the library. And in the meantime, read the Bible and see what it says about heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who has ever lived.

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