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Together for the Gospel 2012

T4G 2012 has been a real spiritual blessing so far. If you have time for one message, please click here and listen to David Platt’s sermon, “Divine Sovereignty: The Fuel of Death-Defying Missions.”

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Praying for the Nations

Each Sunday morning during our Intercessory time of prayer we lift up one nation and one local church to pray for.  For some time, I gathered my information for the prayer from various resources.  Recently I purchased Operation World, by Johnstone and Mandryk.  This is such a wonderful resource for how we can pray specifically for the nations.  I had heard this book mentioned a few times in the past, but never did any follow-up.  I recommend this book for every Christian.  Buy it and begin to pray for our world.

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Lottie Moon Christmas Offering Update

As the time came this year when most Southern Baptist Churches promote Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, I decided to share with the congregation the shortfalls the IMB has endured over the past 12 months with funding to send out Southern Baptist international missionaries.

I did go into some detail about why there is a shortage, but I stressed that there has never been a more important time than now to support our missionaries by giving through the Lottie Moon offering, since the entirety of this offering goes to the International Mission Board.

Additionally, since the time has never been greater and the need financially it tremendous  (we have Southern Baptist Missionaries approved and ready to go but not enough money to send them), we ought to set as our goal the highest contribution we have ever given in our church history.

So we did some research to find out what the highest Lottie Moon Offering was in our short history as a local church and found the previous high to be $8,663.  So this year’s goal was set to exceed this amount.

I am so happy to report that as of this past Sunday, we have collected $8,894.49.  Considering the financial downturn this past year has been for many, I truly am awed by God’s movement in our congregation to accomplish this goal, but also proud to be apart of this family even more here at Westwood.

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Southern Baptist Convention 09, Part 1

2009%20LOVELOUD_FINAL%201The 2009 Southern Baptist Covention in Louisville makes my third convention attended as a messenger.  I attended previous conventions hosted in Greensboro 06 and San Antonio 07.  I left this convention more optimistic about the future of the SBC.  But vastly more important for my ministry as a local church pastor is the way my heart is now aflame for fulfilling the Great Commission.

If I could point to one single moment at the convention that so captured my soul, it was the sermon preached by David Platt at the Pastor’s Conference on Monday.  All I could do was pray that God would give me a brokeness for the lost and that God would continually burden my soul non-Christians.

Specifically, this message has spurred me to lead the local church I pastor to think more about what we can do to reach the lost by giving more money to the cause, become involved in church planting, and by implementing annual international mission trips.

The story Daniel Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, told about the 12 and 13 year old girls prostituting themselves in Thailand along with those spoken by Platt have me disastified with my own personal efforts to make Jesus Christ known.  God has given me 31 years and I have wasted so much of it.  I do not want to waste anymore of it.  I do not know how many more God will grant. 

I hope the sermon will be eventually made available for free, but for know if you desire to hear the Platt sermon, you can order the DVD or CD for $9.oo.  It’s worth the price and then some.


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