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Driscoll on Idols on Nightline

Check out last night’s program of Nightline where Pastor Mark Driscoll addresses the idol worship prevalent  in culture today.

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Are we making an idol with new trends?

There are so many new trends and fads in the local church today.  Names are being changed for one. Baptist is being replaced with community.  We are dropping 1st in favor of putting some kind of Pointe on the end. 

I have heard many reasons given for these changes and many of them are good but I cannot help but wonder if churches are just trying to go the easy route of avoiding people’s bias and stigmatisms.

Much of the bias and stigmatisms people have with certain words (read Baptist) are excuses and unfair stereotypical judgments concerning a whole group of different churches because of one bad experience.  Going to a church without Baptist in its name will not ensure that you will not meet once again with those bad past experiences.

One part of me just wants to say, if we will just be committed to following Jesus and earnestly seeking to fulfill his commandments through the life of our local churches, the kind of change we are searching for in a name change will take place in a more significant way.

Are not the name changes really just an accomadation to seekers.  The seeker sees a new trendy name, therefore they can assume this church does things in a new and exciting way.  Maybe the Pastor at this church ditches the pulpit, wears jeans and a shirt with a skull on it, and sings godless songs (I have no problem with the first two things, but wonder what your motive really is).

Are we not making or at least encouraging new idols in the lives of those whom God has commanded us to help turn away from idols?  When talk turns to their church these days, the conversation is on how our church is different from the church of your dad and mom. 

We do house church(?) instead  of Sunday School.  We do home groups instead of Sunday School

The only thing different about these things is location, what is the big deal here? Am I missing something?

We don’t use hymanls; we use powerpoint slides.

Are hymnals Satan’s handiwork?  Try picking one up and being blessed by the content.  Use it as your devotion. 

Our pastor does not wear a suit and tie, he wears jeans and an Affliction shirt.

You complain about tradiional churches making clothes an idol…I believe younger Christians are making the same mistake that their parents made only the clothes have changed.   

Our pastor moves around on stage rather than standing behind a pulpit.

Wow, I would hate to sit on the front row…I might suffer from whiplash. 

We do not put much emphasis on buildings, we just rent and are able to give more money away to Christian causes.

Make sure this is not just an excuse to cover for your church not tithing and giving offerings that are truly sacrificial.

We have gotten rid of the piano and organ and now have a live band.

Are the instruments more important than the words?  Would you be unable to worship and experience the Lord’s joy if no musical instruments were available?

Our church plays popular non-Christian songs in the worship gathering.

So tell me, how does this honor God?  Do you really want to glorify sin and promote it in the gathering of God people, whom Jesus Christ died to make clean?

In all this talk about what goes on in our churches, where is Jesus?  Where is the Gospel?  The most important things we do as a church are never new.  They are always old.  You are not called to promote your methodologies, you are called to promote Jesus and Him only.


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