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Out of the mouth of babes

Our family was sitting on the floor together Sunday night, when I asked my three children what they learned/did during our AM and PM gathering times.

Karis, (2 years old), said that she cried at church.

Chloe, (just turned 5), said that they cut out Jesus.  We were puzzled about what she meant so Chloe ran into her room and returned with a picture of Jesus cut and glued onto a plate.

During the PM gathering, Chloe’s class was asked what Jesus did at Easter.  Chloe answered that Jesus hid easter eggs.  The teacher said that was not the answer she was looking for, so undaunted Chloe said Jesus’ blood was shed for us.

Lydia, almost seven, said that the disciples waived branches in honor of Jesus as he came into Jerusalem.

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