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A Few Good Posts

Dr. Russell Moore lectures why he does not hold to a Pre-tribulation rapture, but why he loves those who do.

Pastor Jared Wilson blogs about having why having less “programs” in your church might be a good idea.

Dr. Albert Mohler writes about Time Magazine’s article covering the 50th Anniversary of “The Pill.”

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A Night of Eschatology…Piper, Storms, Wilson, & Hamilton

John Piper, Sam Storms, Doug Wilson, and Jim Hamilton share an evening (just over two hours) in discussion mainly on the Millennium spoken of in Revelation 20.  John Piper moderates while Storms, Wilson, and Hamilton articulate and argue their own views of interpretation.  Together the three represent three historic views of the millennium…Storms (Amillennialism), Wilson (Postmillennialism), and Hamilton (Premillennialism)

You can read a primer here concerning this debate.  You can listen or watch the debate by following this link.

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Around the Blogosphere

Check out for all the video and audio from the 2009 Desiring God 2009 National Conference.  The focus of this year’s conference is on John Calvin.

Here is a brief forum on the differing views of Eschatology held by most Christians today.  The panel includes Tom Schreiner, Bruce Ware, and Chad Brand, all professors at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Bryan Chappell interviewed on Christ-centered worship.

Russ Moore on Michael Moore the controversial filmmaker.

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