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Kissing Pigs & Church Attendance

pigI just received the State Baptist Paper.  I usually skim the paper quickly to see if there are any articles of interest or help in it.  On the last page I found a picture of a pastor holding a pig in a  corporate worship service.

It turns out that the pastor made a challenge to the congregation he shepherds that if they could get 150 people in Sunday School, he would kiss a pig.  The church responded by having 157 show up.

How sad it is that it takes pastor pledging to kiss pigs to encourage people to invite people to come to church.  What ever happened to inviting people to church for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Is this reason alone not good enough?  What ever happened to invting people to church in the hopes they might hear the gospel and be convicted of their sins through solid biblical preaching and in the hopes that some might turn to Christ in faith?

How can worship have the gravitas it must and include stunts where in a matter of minutes the pastor who brings a prophetic word from God to God’s people is up front kissing pigs?  It just does not compute.

Maybe this is just another example of why many pastors feel disconnected with current fellowships of churches and are looking for alternative networks of gospel ministers and churches.

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