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Local Church Ministry to Students

The Gospel Coalition is producing an ongoing series on Student/Youth Ministry. We all know how messy this ministry can be. It is messy because the lives of students are often messy. It is messy because often you have a high mixture of saved and not saved in the age group, and many of the not saved don’t know they are not saved. It is messy because worldly tactics have heavily influenced student methodologies. It is messy because parents put pressure on those who minister to the students to make sure their kids are never bored. It is often messy because we have forgotten to rely on the Holy Spirit, and instead rely on our own creativity. For all of these reasons and many more, we all would be instructed by reading more on this subject. Check out the following articles:

Youth Need the Church, and the Church Needs Youth

Why We Need Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry’s Tendency Towards Legalism

MTD: Not Just a Problem with Youth Ministry

A Brief History of Youth Ministry

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Together for the Gospel 2012

T4G 2012 has been a real spiritual blessing so far. If you have time for one message, please click here and listen to David Platt’s sermon, “Divine Sovereignty: The Fuel of Death-Defying Missions.”

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Victoria’s Secret Model Transitions to a Proverbs 31 Wife

Kylie Bisutti dreamed of modeling for Victoria’s Secret. And in 2009, her dream came true as she was selected from 10,000 models to work for the company and model lingerie. However, Bisutti, a Christian, began to be convicted about her profession. She also was recently married, and this too played a factor in her decision to move away from lingerie as she felt it did not honor her husband.

You can read about her story here.

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Komen, Planned Parenthood, & Media Bias

If the only perspective you have heard on last week’s coverage of the Susan G. Komen Foundation-Planned Parenthood dustup was from major TV news outlets, then read some of the following articles, as well.

Planned Parenthood and Media Thank Each Other by Mollie Hemingway

The Media’s Abortion Blinders by Ross Douthat

It Isn’t Easy Being Pink by R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

The Pink Ribbon and the Dollar Sign by Russell Moore


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National Prayer Breakfast: Eric Metaxas

I encourage you to listen to speaker Eric Metaxas as he speaks son the subject of Phony Religion. Metaxas highlights the roles of William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer played in challenging the evils of slavery and bigotry in England and Germany.



You can listen here:

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In the Hours

Thou the Father’s best beloved,
Thou the throned and sceptered King,
Who but Thee should we adoring,
All our prayers and praises bring?
So blessed are we Savior Lord in loving thee
So blessed are we Savior Lord in loving thee

Words by Helen L. Parmelee, altered by Kevin Twit. Verse 5, In the Hours

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Lively Panel on Congregationalism

Check out more video from the 9Marks/Southeastern Seminary here.

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You Cannot Make This Stuff Up

Mollie Ziegler Hemmingway writes about the ongoing conflict between the Episcopalian Leadership and individual churches breaking away from the denomination because of the leadership’s abandonment of clear bible teaching.

When the Church of the Good Shepherd in Binghamton, N.Y., left the Episcopal Church over disagreements about what the Bible says about sexuality, the congregation offered to pay for the building in which it worshiped. In return the Episcopal Church sued to seize the building, then sold it for a fraction of the price to someone who turned it into a mosque.

The congregation is one of hundreds that split or altogether left the Episcopal Church—a member of the Anglican Communion found mostly in the United States—after a decades-long dispute over adherence to scripture erupted with the consecration of a partnered gay bishop in 2003. But negotiating who gets church buildings hasn’t been easy. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said she’d rather have these properties become Baptist churches or even saloons than continue as sanctuaries for fellow Anglicans.

Read the rest of the article here.

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Campus Crusade for Christ Namechange

Campus Crusade for Christ recently changed its name to “Cru.”  The national media has picked up this story and has emphasized the point that Christ was removed from the title. As usual, the media missed the controversial word in the old title. Campus Crusade for Christ did not shrink back from the word Christ, it was more about the words  “crusade” and “campus.”

John Piper has spoken with great wisdom on the overreaction of some who are defunding those men and women who work in this ministry. Check it out here.

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Red Letter Christianity

I am not a red-letter Christian.

As many of you know some Bibles print the words of Jesus in red, while leaving all other words printed in black. Some Christians, as they look at the entirety of the Bible, value what Jesus said more than anything else written in Scripture. They even formulate a view of Scripture that believes the words in red are more important than the words in black. Red letter Christianity is that view of Scripture that elevates the words in red ink over the words printed in black ink in some English Bibles.

I recently preached a message that touched upon the danger of having this view. And here are some of my concerns about red-letter Christianity and why I reject the view.

1. When one adopts a red-letter view, we undermine what Jesus actually taught about all of God’s word. When Jesus appeared to some disciples on the road to Emmaus, he actually showed them how the Old Testament instructs and teaches us about Jesus (Luke 24:27). Every book, rightly understood, instructs us about Jesus, not just the Gospels.

2. When we elevate the importance of the red-letter words above the black-letter words, we undermine the truth that God himself is the principle author of every book of Scripture. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 reveals to us that every word in the Bible comes from God himself. And God does not waste his breathe. Every word he uttered through the writers of Scripture are to be cherished as words from our loving heavenly Father.

3. If we neglect the black-letter words of Scripture, we will not rightly understand the red-letter words. Imagine, if you took away every book in the Bible except the Gospels. Could you really understand what Jesus did? I admit that I could not.  I could not understand why God the Son needed to come in the first place. Additionally, I could not understand all that Jesus accomplished through his life, death, and resurrection without the rest of the New Testament.

4. One tendency that I see in red-letter Christians is a reduction of Christianity to WWJD (What would Jesus do?). Jesus is reduced to the example of how we should treat others. We should learn much from the example of Jesus, but one big problem with this reduction is that we do not treat others like Jesus did. We fail every day. What was more important to the writers of Scripture than WWJD is WJD, (What Jesus Did!).

We should follow Jesus’ example in most things, but there are certain things that he did, that we cannot do. Jesus’ death on the cross actually saves sinners. Peter’s death on a cross (tradition says he was crucified on a cross) did not save anyone. Here is my point: If I only have the gospels, I would be without so much of what God says that brings me great joy and so much of how God tells me to live in light of Jesus’ death on the cross. 

“It’s all about a relationship with Jesus, not _______.” Pastors hear this all the time. Well, yes, kinda of. Life is found by being in communon with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. And all the details of that life are revealed to us in Scripture. This is why God ordains local churches. This why God ordains structure to the local church. This why God gives leaders to the local church. This is why he gifts everyone in the church to serve others. Every single thing in Scripture is breathed out by God so that we can treat every person according to God’s perfect standard.

For these reasons, I guess you could call me a black-letter Christian (because I purposely did not buy a Bible with Jesus’ words in red).

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