Local Church Ministry to Students

01 May

The Gospel Coalition is producing an ongoing series on Student/Youth Ministry. We all know how messy this ministry can be. It is messy because the lives of students are often messy. It is messy because often you have a high mixture of saved and not saved in the age group, and many of the not saved don’t know they are not saved. It is messy because worldly tactics have heavily influenced student methodologies. It is messy because parents put pressure on those who minister to the students to make sure their kids are never bored. It is often messy because we have forgotten to rely on the Holy Spirit, and instead rely on our own creativity. For all of these reasons and many more, we all would be instructed by reading more on this subject. Check out the following articles:

Youth Need the Church, and the Church Needs Youth

Why We Need Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry’s Tendency Towards Legalism

MTD: Not Just a Problem with Youth Ministry

A Brief History of Youth Ministry

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