Good Baptist Press Editorial

03 Jun

Check out this well written editorial by Calvin Wittman at Baptist Press. Wittman explains why many younger southern baptists are leaving older established churches often for church plants and younger churches. Here is a snippet

Many younger Christians these days are more interested in getting back an authentic New Testament type of Christianity. Eschewing the “traditional” church and the mediocre type of Christianity they believe it represents, they are seeking to model their churches after what they envision the first Church was like. Contrary to popular thought, they have no problems with hymns; they often sing them with updated arrangements. They want their worship to come from the heart. They have no problem with stained glass or pews. In fact, they find value in liturgy and things like lent. Go figure!

They practice church discipline and restoration, something most of them have never seen in their daddy’s church. They hold one another accountable, go through intensive doctrinal training before they can become members of the church and are serious about “community,” which to them is more than a Sunday School class which has a pot luck every so often. In fact, my 27-year-old son, working on his Ph.D. in theology, wanted his community group to meet his girlfriend before they got engaged. His church community group is that important to him.

In short, by choosing a new way to express their faith, they are rejecting a Christianity which they believe to be compromised by our culture. They want a faith that runs contrary to culture, not one which accommodates it.

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