Lord’s Day Reflections 08-22-2010

24 Aug

1. Be like the Bereans.  Growing up in Church, I always heard it.  For many years, I thought it was talking about the Berean Church, but in Acts 17, the reference is to Berean Jews.  The reason why we are exhorted today to be like the Bereans flows from their apporach to discern God’s will.  The Berean Jews tested all of Paul’s testimony about Jesus by eagerly searching the Scriptures to see if he was right.

This pattern is commendable.  As a Christian people, we need to test all that we do against the word of God.

2. Having said all this, we need to be ready to have some of what we thought we knew transformed by Scripture.  So much of what Christians believe and practice comes from secondhand sources.  Go to the word, it will always set you on the right path.

3. Certain Sunday evenings on occasions we have opportunity to pray over individual members during our service.  We prayed over one of our recent members who is having to move back to Florida.  It is such a sweet privilege to pray with saints in a one-on-one setting.  I encourage other churches to do this.  And may God bless you, Imogene.  You have been a good encouragement during your stay with us at Westwood.

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