Lord’s Day Reflections 08-15-10

17 Aug

1. I love when certain things come together during our time together on the Lord’s Day when they were not planned.  Often I have Sunday School teachers approach me after the service and remark how a point they made earlier in SS was also made by myself in the sermon.  This  unplanned emphasis helps listeners to know that we (teachers) are making our common points from God’s word.  This happened this Sunday on the subject of possession of human beings by demons/evil spirits.

2. It happened in a remarkably powerful way when the closing quote from the sermon and the hymn of response tied so closely together.  I send the texts and often times themes to our music of minister and then he selects the hymns based in part on this information.  So this past Sunday, I closed with a John Bunyan quote from Pilgrim’s Progress about Mr. Standfast’s final words before he goes down into the River, which represents death, but it also represents the transition from this old life into the next.  The hymn of response was Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross.  The chorus reads: In the cross, in the cross, be my glory ever, till my ransomed soul shall find rest beyond the River.

Now I do not know what this River stands for according to the author of the hymn, but I suppose it could be for death, or the river of God, or an image of Jordan and the Israelites crossing into the land of Promise.  Nevertheless, it was a powerful moment for me personally.

3. Thank you to the ladies and children responsible for organizing the Baby Bottle Campaign to support the Pregnancy Support Center this past month.  And thank you to the many church members who supported it with their gifts.

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