Lord’s Day Reflections 08-08-10

10 Aug

1. What will you do when God tells you no?  This was one of the main points and applications of the sermon.  God told Paul and Silas that they could not take the gospel into Asia.  My contention is that God tells us no often because our sinful requests and desires do not align with God’s purposes.  Friend, do not try to push open a door that God has closed.  Do not try to justify your sin.  Do not surround yourself with “yes” friends.  Do not make God out to be the one who gives you blessing of your sin.

2. Too often we focus on what God has denied us, when we ought to dwell upon what God has made available to us.  God closed off Bithynia to Paul and Silas, but he opened the door to all the people of Philippi.  Go full steam into the opportunities and ministries which God has clearly opened the door for you.

3. I am so thankful for the new friendships that have been made and are being made here at Westwood.  While Paul and Barnabas had to separate from each other, the Lord gave unto Paul, Silas and Timothy.  Friend, be willing to open yourself up to other brothers and sisters in Christ and be blessed by God through them.

4. Thank you to Son Rise for leading us in worship Sunday Night.  Your blessing through song made for a good evening of worship.

5. What a blessing it is when you arrive to the office on Tuesday (I’m out of the office on Mondays) and read an email from one of your members telling you about how he/she is ministering to some couples at work and is asking for more gudience concerning God’s will on the subject of marriage (I gave instruction on Sunday concerning marriage).  Our weekend worship gatherings are designed to instruct and encourage and then we take the instruction and encouragement and pass it along to others.  It is wonderful to know this is going on each week in the life of our people.

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