Lord’s Day Reflections 11-18-10

20 Jul

Acts 14 was our sermon text in the AM gathering.  Paul and Barnabas’ courage was truly awesome.  They were dirven out of Antioch Pisidia (ch 13).  A plot was uncovered to stone them in Iconium, so they left.  In Lystra, Paul was stoned.  Then they traveled to Derbe.  But after making disciples in this town, they went back to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch Pisidia to stregnthen the churches in those cities.

How many Christians have this kind of resolve today?  How many Christians love their brothers and sisters this much today?

How appropriate were the songs we sung in advance of this text: How Firm a Foundation and Be Strong in the Lord.  The foundational Rock of Jesus Christ was what drove these men to endure what they endured.  And their strength truly came from the Lord.

Our Sunday evening gathering was fun as we have just begun a series where I answer questions from members on any number of different topics.  This series will continue into the fall.  The most popular questions revolve around Last Things, or Eschatology.

The fellowship of the saints is truly a wonderful thing.  Each week I am so blessed by the church family to which God has called me to pastor.

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