Lord’s Day Reflections 07-11-10

12 Jul

1. Currently, I am preaching through the book of Acts.  One of the verses I preached on this Sunday was Acts 13:48.  The verse records the Gentiles in Antioch Pisidia responding to the gospel.  Luke summarizes their response this way: And as many as were appointed to eternal life believed.

I knew this would be an occassion where the view of election I preached would run counter to some in my church.  In spite of this I prayed that God would show himself faithful in the preaching of difficult doctrines.  And God answered my prayer.  I was greatly encouraged by the response from many in the church.

2. As encouraging as Sunday morning was, it did not compare to Sunday night.  Our youth and youth team gave a report about their recent mission trip to South Carolina.  The mission trip was primarily filled with service to troubled youth, underprivileged children, and the elderly.  In the short time they were away, God moved in a big way in many of their lives.  A few youth who were not apart of our church accompanied our youth team and one has surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.  Another one has made public his sense of God calling him into the pastorate.  And according to our leaders, more fruit is expected to be announced (Thank you Greg, Renee, Marty, Mary Lou, Cindy, and Ben).

3. One of the prayers that I have made consistently since arriving here at Westwood almost two years ago was that God would raise up many pastors from this congregation.  Perhaps this prayer is beginning to be answered!

4. I am so thankful to God for the stirring he is giving to many of our adults, youth, and children over the last several months.  I pray that it only increases and spreads.

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