Shouldering Heavy Burdens

06 Mar

Westwood Baptist Church lost a wonderful member this week.  His name was Lewis Baker.  Not only did he serve the church well, but he served in the Firefighter Profession for 51 years.  For over thirty years he was the Chief Instructor at the Tennessee State Fire School where he trained many of the state’s firefighters.

I was asked to co-officiate his funeral with a fireman chaplain.  I had been prepared to expect a massive turnout with respect to firefighters.  Truly, over half of those present at the funeral were indeed firefighters from all over the state.  The processional of cars to the cemetery had around 60 fire vehicles.  Half the city of Murfreesboro stopped that afternoon as we made our way to the cemetery.

Although I am generally nervous before I preach every funeral, this one I was especially so because I wanted to serve the Lord, Lewis, and his family well.  As I was begging the Lord for his help that day to help me through the burden (a good burden), I was overwhelmed as the Lord brought to the very forefront of my soul, the burden that Jesus carried all by himself when he paid the debt of my sin on the cross.

My Savior knows how to carry burdens.  And my Savior knows how to see me through mine.


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2 responses to “Shouldering Heavy Burdens

  1. Jeremy MacMurray

    March 8, 2010 at 3:36 PM

    Very encouraging point. Although our burdens disappear from view when compared with our Lord – like comparing the Sun to Pluto – our Savior does indeed see us through with the greatest love and patience. There is no more profounder truth than that those who belong to Christ are treated as sons and daughters of Almighty God. A unending, unimaginable wealth that was paid by Christ carrying His burden. Truly, who would not want to know this treasure and know this Savior.

  2. Jason Morrison

    March 10, 2010 at 7:42 PM

    It is truly a wonderful moment when God gives you greater insight to the love he has shown us in Jesus Christ.


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