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New Album by Indelible Grace!

Check out Indelible Grace’s new acoustic album.

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Driscoll on Idols on Nightline

Check out last night’s program of Nightline where Pastor Mark Driscoll addresses the idol worship prevalent  in culture today.

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A Night of Eschatology…Piper, Storms, Wilson, & Hamilton

John Piper, Sam Storms, Doug Wilson, and Jim Hamilton share an evening (just over two hours) in discussion mainly on the Millennium spoken of in Revelation 20.  John Piper moderates while Storms, Wilson, and Hamilton articulate and argue their own views of interpretation.  Together the three represent three historic views of the millennium…Storms (Amillennialism), Wilson (Postmillennialism), and Hamilton (Premillennialism)

You can read a primer here concerning this debate.  You can listen or watch the debate by following this link.

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Around the Blogosphere

At the Together for Adoption site, they have posted summaries of the speakers who spoke this past weekend at their conference in Franklin, TN.  The audio will be up shortly. 

Beginning at 5 PM Central time, Trevin Wax will be live-blogging the Southern Baptists, Evangelicals, and the Future of Denominationalism conference hosted at Union University in Jackson, TN.

Russell Moore explains how David Letterman can teach us about the Gospel.

William Mounce on double-tongued deacons and translation theory.


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