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17 Aug


Quotes from Knowing God

“When Paul says he counts the things he lost rubbish, or dung (KJV), he means not merely that he does not think of them as having any value, but also that he does not live with them constantly in his mind: what normal person spends his time nostalgically dreaming of manure?  Yet this, in effect, is what many of us do.  It shows how little we have in the way of true knowledge of God (p. 25).”

“Ninety years ago C. H. Spurgeon described the wobblings he then saw among the Baptists on Scripture, atonement and human destiny as ‘the downgrade.’  Could he survey Protestant thinking about God at the present time, I guess he would speak of ‘the nosedive’ (p. 13)!”

“Do we desire such knowledge of God?  The two things follow.  First, we must recognize how much we lack knowledge of God.  We must learn to measure ourselves, not by our knowledge about God, not by our gifts and responsibilities in the church, but by how we pray and what goes on in our hearts.  Many of us, I suspect, have no idea how impoverished we are at this level.  Let us ask the Lord to show us (p. 32).”

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