Southern Baptist Convention 09, Part 4

06 Jul

thumbs-upI wanted to highlight some of the good things I experienced at the 2009 Convention.  I’ll try to point these out as they occurred chronologically.

1. The Pastors’ Conference: I was not present for any of the messages on Sunday or Saturday morning.  Every message I heard was encouraging but was particularly blessed in the messages of Luter, Jr., Platt (see Post 1), and Hunt.

2. 9 Marks at Nine: On Monday and Tuesday evenings at 9 PM, 9 Marks ministry facilitated two talks (one by Mark Dever and one by Danny Akin) followed by panel discussion and audience questions.  Free literature was passed out (more was offered daily by 9 Marks at their booth).  The room was packed with young attenders.  I wondered though, with the Convention being in Louisville whether there were a number of seminarians present.  Either way, the influence exerted through these times was good.

3. Baptist 21/Sojourn Church Panel: Baptist 21 sponsored a panel of influential SBC leaders (Mohler, Akin, Dever, Platt, Stetzer, & Montgomery).  Many free books and resources were given away to attenders.  The panel discussion was very lively and informative.  I hope one thing which hit home to the largely young attenders is the need for them (and myself) to stay and influence SB life.  Also, a special thanks to Pastor and President Johnny Hunt who paid for all our lunches and personally came and greeted us in the midst of his very busy schedule.

4. Convention: I enjoyed many of the Convention messages I was able to hear and many of the reports from the various agencies especially the ones by Lifeway and the IMB.

5. The Great Commission Task Force (see Post 2).

6. The Sesquicentennial Celebration of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: The convention location was a positive in many ways.  Not only was it drivable, but I had the opportunity to go back to where I lived for three years and to the school which had such a dynamic impact on my pastoral preparation and spiritual formation.  I had the opportunity to see some professors and thank them for their good labors in the gospel.   

I got to visit with some former classmates and spouses at the luncheon and be present for the presidential address.  I picked up two new books associated with Southern. The first, by Gregory Wills, is a history of the school titled Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1859-2009.  The second is a new book by Tom Nettles titled James Petigru Boyce:  A Southern Baptist Statesman, who was a founder of the Seminary.


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