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Southern Baptist Convention 09, Part 5

This will be my last post on the SBC.  In this last post I want to address a significant problem within Southern Baptist life.

The chief reason why Southern Baptists cooperate with one another is to fulfill the Great Commission.  We do this primarily by pooling our financial resources together to fund our mission endeavors.  On the national level, we have two missionary agencies, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and the International Mission Board (IMB).  The most important of the two in my estimation is the IMB.  The majority of the non-Christian population lives outside the Unites States and Canada.  The greatest need for church planting is in regions where Christianity has little to no presence.

It was reported in a Baptist Press article last May that the IMB was going to suspend and cut back on various ministries because of a lack of funds.  This has left an unsatisfying taste in my mouth.  It is frankly unacceptable.

Now there are various ways to correct this financial shortfall.  Churches can give more to the Cooperative Program.  Churches can also give more to the Lottie Moon offering, which goes 100% to support the IMB’s work.

Yet, I believe the shortfall raises questions about why the IMB is enduring a financial shortfall.  Have Southern Baptists gotten their hands into too many ministries?  Is there duplication and redundancy in our ministries?  Should some ministries and positions be cut in order to fund ministries of greater priority?   Sometimes, the answer is not just give more money.

Much discussion over the past years has centered around the allocation of Cooperative Program dollars given to Southern Baptist causes.  The Cooperative Program is the historic mechanism by which Southern Baptist dollars are collected and dispersed to support State, National, and International mission efforts.

To many younger Southern Baptists, as we have learned more about the allocation of Cooperative Prgram dollars, we find disappointment.  The disappointment is this: Almost every Southern Baptist State Convention receives more Cooperative Program dollars than our National entities, which includes IMB and NAMB.

Now I am not an anti-State Convention guy, but I cannot for the life of me agree that the majority of my money designed to support missions in the most unreached places is not getting to those people who serve in those areas.  Now I hear that the IMB is suspending programs which undoubtedly would send out missionaries who are needed to reach lost people in espcially dark regions of this world.

Why does my own state convention (Tennessee) and previous (South Carolina) receive the greater portion of my mission dollars than the IMB and NAMB?  I know there is much work to be done in these two states, but we have 1,000’s of Southern Baptists in these two states.  There are also 1000’s of other solid evangelical churches in these states as well.  Yet when you compare the need of the gospel to be spread to other nations and peoples, there really isn’t any comparison where the bulk of our money should be going.

Here is a list of the breakdown of 2008 CP dollars kept by State Conventions in the South where the base of Southern Baptists are located:

Alabama 58%, Arkansas 58%, Florida 61%, Georgia 59%,  Kentucky 64%, Louisiana 65%, Mississippi, 66%, North Carolina 71%, South Carolina 58%, Tennessee 58%.

Only two state conventions forward more nationally than they keep, the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia.  Yet both these states have two state conventions and the other two keep an exceedingly high amount of CP dollars.

So for example in my own church and state here is our breakdown.  Westwood Baptist Church gave 7% of our budget to the CP which amounted in 2008 to $16,784.  How much then of this money went to International Missions funded through the IMB?

$9,735 or 58% was kept by the State Convention

$7,049 or 42% was sent to the SBC, and of this total the IMB by allocation receives 50% which amounts to $3,525.  So the greatest area of need only receives 21% of the money we send.

It just does not add up.  This does not excite the younger Southern Baptists I know.  I do not think it excites the members of my church either.

My sincere hope and prayer is this may be reformed quickly.  I hope we can bring changes in unity rather than going our different ways.  But as Dr. Albert Mohler said recently, churches should make Southern Baptist entities earn their money.  Ultimately I and the church I pastor will give account of the stewardship of our finances.  And we want to be graded well.


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Austin City Life EP

Check out this new EP from Austin City Life!


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Breakout Sessions at T4G 2010

The schedule for the 2010 Together for the Gospel Conference is posted. And at the 2010 conference breakout sessions have been added. The breakout sessions will have new speakers who have not spoken previously at the conference. Here is the schedule. Also note that each attendee will only be able to attend one breakout session.

Eric Bancroft — Convincing Christianity: The Implications of a Robust Gospel in Marriage

Tony Carter — Gospel Unity: Maintaining the Gospel as the Main Thing

Kevin DeYoung — ‘Tis Mystery All, The Immortal Dies: Why the Gospel of Christ’s Suffering Is More Glorious Because God Does Not Suffer

Greg Gilbert — What Is the Gospel?

Brian Habig — Fears of the Minister

Joshua Harris — Dug Down Deep: Helping Others Build Their Lives on Christ-Centered Doctrine

Michael McKinley — Unity, not Uniformity: Diversity in the Body of Christ

David Platt — An Unadjusted Gospel in an Unreached World: Connecting Gospel Theology with Urgent Missiology

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Baptist 21 Video, Part 2

Dr. Mohler addresses gospel cooperation, tribal identity, and Acts 29.

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Baptist 21 Video

Dr. Daniel Akin on the Great Commission at the Baptist 21 Panel Discussion during the 2009 SBC.

Sorry for the poor camera work.

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Hunt weighs in on the Logan Controversy

James A. Smith, Sr., of the Florida Baptist Witness interviewed Johnny Hunt concerning the resignation of Clark Logan.  Hunt believes Morris Chapman should be more forthcoming about the reasons why Clark Logan was asked to resign.  Read the article here.

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Southern Baptist Convention 09, Part 4

thumbs-upI wanted to highlight some of the good things I experienced at the 2009 Convention.  I’ll try to point these out as they occurred chronologically.

1. The Pastors’ Conference: I was not present for any of the messages on Sunday or Saturday morning.  Every message I heard was encouraging but was particularly blessed in the messages of Luter, Jr., Platt (see Post 1), and Hunt.

2. 9 Marks at Nine: On Monday and Tuesday evenings at 9 PM, 9 Marks ministry facilitated two talks (one by Mark Dever and one by Danny Akin) followed by panel discussion and audience questions.  Free literature was passed out (more was offered daily by 9 Marks at their booth).  The room was packed with young attenders.  I wondered though, with the Convention being in Louisville whether there were a number of seminarians present.  Either way, the influence exerted through these times was good.

3. Baptist 21/Sojourn Church Panel: Baptist 21 sponsored a panel of influential SBC leaders (Mohler, Akin, Dever, Platt, Stetzer, & Montgomery).  Many free books and resources were given away to attenders.  The panel discussion was very lively and informative.  I hope one thing which hit home to the largely young attenders is the need for them (and myself) to stay and influence SB life.  Also, a special thanks to Pastor and President Johnny Hunt who paid for all our lunches and personally came and greeted us in the midst of his very busy schedule.

4. Convention: I enjoyed many of the Convention messages I was able to hear and many of the reports from the various agencies especially the ones by Lifeway and the IMB.

5. The Great Commission Task Force (see Post 2).

6. The Sesquicentennial Celebration of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: The convention location was a positive in many ways.  Not only was it drivable, but I had the opportunity to go back to where I lived for three years and to the school which had such a dynamic impact on my pastoral preparation and spiritual formation.  I had the opportunity to see some professors and thank them for their good labors in the gospel.   

I got to visit with some former classmates and spouses at the luncheon and be present for the presidential address.  I picked up two new books associated with Southern. The first, by Gregory Wills, is a history of the school titled Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1859-2009.  The second is a new book by Tom Nettles titled James Petigru Boyce:  A Southern Baptist Statesman, who was a founder of the Seminary.


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Thanks for your prayers and support

Recently, I have been battling late night attacks of pain and vomiting.  It started at Christmas.  At first it was infrequent, but has recently become more common.  Through a number of doctor visits and one ER visit, it was determined that I had a bad gallbladder.  So I was scheduled to have it removed July 6.

Well, this past Saturday, I had to go to the ER again and this time the pain would not subside.  It was determined that I had pancreatitus I was on the verge of pancreatitus (foggy memory due to powerful drugs), and as soon as they could get my enzyme levels moderated I would have the surgery.  So I had my first surgery this past Monday.

It is now Satuday and I am feeling much better.

I want to send out some thanks…first to Jesus for sustaining me and giving me more days to live. 

Second, I would like to thank my wife and family.  Naomi was there with me when I needed her.  My mom and dad, who providentially were visiting this past weekend, took care of the kids for us.  My sister came up from Chattanooga and kept the kids for two days.  Thank you. 

Third, thank you church and other friends.  I thank each one of you for prayers and support.  Thank you especially those who stepped up big time Sunday morning and evening to ensure that God was glorified in our services  (Satan always seems to lay up preachers late Saturday night and never on Monday mornings).

Fourth, thank you Middle Tennesee Medical Hospital. I thank each one of you from the ER admittance personel who got me back quickly and to the ER nurses and doctor who attended me (thank you dilaudid).  I thank each one of the techs, nurses, and doctors who cared for me during hospital stay.  Your care was excellent.

Aside: I’ll continue the SBC posts shortly.

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