Southern Baptist Convention 09, Part 3

26 Jun

DSC01270My youngest daughter, Karis, visualizes what so many Southern Baptists feel in their souls over what is spoken at Conventions from both the floor and from the platform.

There was a call for Pepsi to be boycotted. 

There were calls for our entities to refrain from having speakers who drink alcoholic beverages in moderation.

There were calls for Lifeway to remove books by Mark Driscoll which led to another call for more books to be removed (I think done in jest over the first call for removal).

One messenger even wanted the Convention to address a theological movement in NY(?) where people saying Jesus Christ is returning in 2011(?) and will render all churches meaningless.

Still another wanted the Christian Flag to stand as the visual symbol of of God’s people (I think the Lord’s Supper is sufficient and more biblical).

I suppose one should just become expectant to these realities.  Unfortunately these things reflect what so many people think are vitally important.  This is scary.  Fortunately, we typically have theologically astute and gospel centered men and women who serve in leadership of the Convention.

What is more surprising though is when a SBC leader takes the stage and completely misrepresents many brothers and sisters who are a part of the Southern Baptist life.  Executive Committee President, Morris Chapman lambasted those in Southern Baptist life who do not believe personal repentance and faith in Jesus Christ is necessary and vital for salvation.  Well, the problem here is that there is nobody in the SBC who thinks this.  Although, he never said the word Calvinist, everybody knew he was directing these words towards Calvinistic brothers and sisters in the SBC.  While I expect this kind of ignorance or intentional misrepresentation from the floor at the SBC (which happened again this year), I do not expect it from one who fills the post which Chapman holds.

Hopefully this too will change one day.

When I returned back to Murfreesboro, and shared some convention news with a few members, one said that (infighting) is why they disliked participating in the conventions.  But I reminded everyone that if gospel centered Southern Baptists do not show up and steer the ship carefully, it will eventually sink.  And there is so much good in Southern Baptist life worth preserving.  So my recruitment speech for 2010 began.

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