“Rapid salvations”

09 Apr

“Do you know why so many professing Christians are like the thorny ground? It is because processes have been omitted which would have gone far to alter the condition of things.  It was the husbandman’s business to uproot the throns, or burn them on the spot.  Years ago, when people were converted, there used to be such a thing as conviction of sin.  The great subsoil plough of soul-anguish was used to tear deep into the soul.  Fire also burned in the mind with exceeding heat: as men saw sin, and felt its dreadful results, the love of it was burned out of them.  But now we are dinned with braggings about rapid salvations.  As for myself, I believe in instantaneous conversions, and I am glad to see them; but I am still more glad when I see a thorough work of grace, a deep sense of sin, and an effectual wounding by the law.  We shall never get rid of thorns with ploughs that scratch the surface (Quoted from Iain Murray in The Forgotten Spurgeon, 106). 

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