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The Sanctity of God’s Image

Here is the third sermon in my Ten Commandment series:

The Second Commandment: The Sanctity of God’s Image

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The Lord’s Right to Proper Representation


Here is my latest sermon from The Ten Commandments Series:                       The Third Commandment: The Lord’s Right to Proper Representation″
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Yesterday was my 31st birthday.  In my morning prayer time, God impressed upon my mind and heart how much grace I have received through these years.  God impressed upon me how gracious he has been to permit me to have thirty-one years.

In a number of ways I have come across different families who have lost children, spouses, and friends before the age of 31.

I was reminded through Sanctity of Life  Sunday once more of the grace I received when I was born to my father and my mother.

I am reminded of the great blessing I have in the family God has given me and the church which I am able to pastor and serve.

Lord, thank you for another grace filled year.

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Valley of Vision CD

m4175-00-21_mI recently purchased the Valley of Vision CD along with some other resources during Sovereign Grace Ministries‘ Febraury sale.  The album was released August 2006.  The songs of this album are inspiried by Puritan prayers from the Book titled Valley of Vision, by Arthur Bennett.

If you have not heard these songs, you can sample them through the link above.  My favorites thus far are In the Valley, Heavenly Father, Beautiful Son, Let Your Kingdom Come, The Precious Blood, It Was You.

Do not forget to check out Sovereign Grace Store where their books and CD’s are heavily discounted with free US shipping through February.


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Third Generation Southern Baptist Conservatives

I have been raised for the most part in Southern Baptist Churches.  I currently pastor a Southern Baptist Church.  For some time there has been much mud being slung by fellow Southern Bapists at one another.  In the process, more and more people are being turned off to Southern Baptist churches because of this infighting. 

While some fights must be fought, it seems some that need not be are being fought unnecessarily.  In Third Generation Conservatives in the Southern Baptist Convention, pt 1, Steven McKinion sums up well what has taken place within the SBC.  Hopefully, this article might help to bring the sides together.

The article is a must read for Southern Baptists of all stripes.


Baptist21 has now posted Third Generation Conservatives in the Southern Baptist, Part 2 by Steven McKinion.

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The Reason for God


I just completed The Reason for God by Tim Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.  I have nothing but high praise for the book.  I hope to use it as a major resource for a sermon series in the future.

The approach of the book is apologetic.  Keller seeks to undermine the major objections and arguments that are often used by skeptics today.

This is a really helpful resource to put into the hands of any friends or family who object to Christianity on differnent grounds.  Additionally, it would be helpful for Christians to read this and familiarize themselves with much of the reasoning Keller uses to answer skeptics’ questions.

You can find some online audio resources here where Keller answers difficult questions.


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Wordled Sermons

I recently began a sermon series on the 10 Commandments from Exodus 20.  I have completed three sermons thus far.  The first was an introduction.  The second and third sermons centered on the first and second commandments.  I have wordled the three sermons.  This program traces the number of times certain words are used and puts the words in a cloud.  The words used most often appear the largest.

The Ten Commandments of God10comintro

 Ultimate Allegiance Belongs to the Lord Alone


The Sanctity of God’s Identity

2comYou can click on the wordle cloud to view a larger cloud.

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Under Construction


Hey visitors,

I am the Pastor of Westwood Baptist Church.  This blog is currently under contruction.  When finished it will be devoted to my life as a Christian, Husband, Father, and Pastor.  It should not be long until it is active for daily posts. 

Also look for the launch of our new website ( in late March.  It is also currently under contruction.  The work is being done by Kenosis Designs. 

Come and worship with us at Westwood, 1320 Brinkley Rd., Murfreesboro, TN 37128.  You can give me a call at 615-896-5537 (W).


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